Q & A

1. UniStraws FDA Approved?

Unistraws uses 100% FDA approved materials that can ensure a safe and food-grade usage for all.

2. Are Unistraws recyclable?

Technically yes, though most recyclers won’t take food-soiled paper products, so we suggest asking your recycler beforehand. Otherwise, they’re perfectly recyclable!

3. Are they compostable?

Unistraws’ product is eco-friendly and compostable, with the ability to decompose in just 60-180 days depending on the product.

4. Are they safe for the environment?

Unistraws proudly can say they are as safe for all animals and environments as they are for all humans.

5. Are they biodegradable?

Yes, Unistraws are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and are the perfect alternative to plastic straws, which notoriously damage our environment and sea-life.

6. Can you use Unistraws in hot drinks?

Unistraws are primarily for cold drinks, so we don’t suggest using them for hot beverages.

7. How long can Unistraws last in liquid?

Unistraws last up to 5 hours, staying firm and reliant as you need. Our straws don’t disintegrate like normal paper would.

8. Do they have any known allergens?

Unistraws has no known allergens (including gluten) and are safe for all to use, so there’s no need to worry!

9. Do Unistraws contain GMO or any other chemicals?

Unistraws do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, nor do they contain any chemicals (like BPA). Our straws are natural and safe for usage.