Customers will appreciate your dedication to preserving the earth with our disposable, safety conscious product designed for use by event planners, restaurants, zoos, theme parks, hospitals, hotels, airports and more. Achieve the look you want with our exciting and eco-friendly paper straws.

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Short size


Our cocktail straws are perfect for any bar or restaurant looking to replace their plastic cocktail straws with eco-friendly alternatives. Unistraw’s cocktail straws are 5.75 inches to 7.75” in height and are perfect for any law or high ball glass, martini, or cocktail drinking glass in either white or black. These compostable and biodegradable paper straws are FDA approved and BPA free, serving the sleek look of the average plastic straw whilst staying environmentally conscious.

Paper straw products manufactured outside Dallas

Normal size


Our jumbo straws are a staple in our business, standard jumbo straws are 7.75 inches tall but our straws are 8.5 inches and catering to almost any drink container the average plastic straw is found in, from a cup of water to a cup of large soda.

Paper straw products manufactured outside Dallas

Wider diameter


Unistraws’s giant paper straws are perfect for any smoothies, margaritas, blended drinks, and even most milkshakes. They measure 8.5” and 10” in length and 0.292” in inner diameter. These paper straws are ideal for restaurants, bars and other establishments. Our sturdy wrapped or unwrapped paper straw options are biodegradable and manufactured in the USA with FDA approved materials using non-toxic food safe dyes.

Paper straw products manufactured outside Dallas

Custom size


We have 4-Color process print capabilities that will make your logo or design pop on straws. Available for individual wrapping.
Price upon request.

Paper straw products manufactured outside Dallas

Straw Size

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